Tourism is the activity or practice of touring especially for pleasure / business.
It is also the industry of providing information, accommodation, transportation and other services to tourists.

There are three basic forms of tourism; Domestic tourism, inbound tourism and out bound tourism.

Tourism is under taken for recreation, sight seen, pilgrimage, for medical reasons, for adventure etc.

Types of Tourism:
1. Religious tourism
2. Domestic tourism
3. Wild life tourism

4. Business tourism

5. Adventure tourism
6. Medical tourism
7. International tourism.

We would like to inform you that Mayuge District also has various tourism potential areas as listed below:

Bukaleba Caves:
These are found in Bukatube Sub-County, Walumbe village.
Its believed that it is where slave trade activities was taking place i.e. the slaves were being kept there before shipping them to Mwanza and then Indian Ocean and to the rest of the world.

Luuba Thurston Tower:

Luuba was the chief of Bunha Chiefdom and Thurston was a Missionary Commander who came to stop the activities of slave trade in Bukaleba. The tower was reconstructed by the Uganda Museum and Monument department, Ministry of Tourism, Wild life and Antiquities.

This tower was built in memory of Thurston who was killed by the black people yet he was stopping slavery and the flag pole to direct landing ships to collect slaves was raised at this very point always.

Luuba Meeting Point/Court/Lukiko:
Chief Luuba used this point as Lukiko where he used to sit while settling disputes in his chiefdom. Today BFC has built a forest monitoring/ watching tower in the area. 

Slave Trench:
It’s believed that it is where slaves were hidden and their walk way before being taken to the waiting ship on the lake shores at Walumbe.

Risen Tapping:
Risen is tapped from pine trees in Bukatube and Kityerera, Tapping of risen is used for making high quality rubber materials. It’s mostly sold to the Chinese and European Countries. The exercise is too attractive by on lookers on their way to Walumbe Tourist sites.

Bukaleba Penisular:
Bukaleba peninsular is found in Bukatube (Namugongo beach/village). It’s a former Government Buffalo referral farm. It has wild animals such as, leopards,

antilops and many species of birds, breeding area for crocodiles, natural vegetation ever green. It has a direct view of the deepest part of lake Victoria locally called “Kanwa Musayi”.

Spiritual Sites:
Bishop Hannington Murder Site:
Bishop Hannington murder site is found in Bukatube Sub-County, Kyando village. It has various tourism sites used by the late Bishop i.e. library, murder site, well, preaching rocks etc.
Every 29th of October of each year, pilgrims come to remember the fallen Bishop for prayers.

He was killed by Chief Luuba men on orders of Kabaka Mwanga of Buganda because he was heading to Buganda from the east where the Kabaka believed his

enemies would come / pass to over throw his government.

St. Matia Mulumba:
St. Matia Mulumba is found in Mayuge town council at Kyebando ward, It’s believed that Matia Mulumba lived here before going to Buganda where he was murdered along with other Matry’s. Infact it’s also believed that the exact location where the church was constructed, at this point was his original ancestral home where he lived with his family.

It has a well where he used to bath and drink water. It’s believed that the water in that well is still blessed up to now and when you drink/ bath in it, all your problems go away and diseases get healed/ cured.

There is also a big tree infront of the Church which is believed to be Matia Mulumba’s resting place by then.

Buswikira shrine- Mpungwe Sub-County:
Buswikira village is believed to have been Kabaka Kintu’s home where he settled with his family for some years before proceeding to Buganda where he established the mighty Kingdom of Buganda. People go to this shrine to get blessings and healed when sick.

Masolya Island:
Masolya Island is found in Jaguzi Sub-County. It’s a tourism destination for the District because it’s strategically located with good Victoria scenery e.g. birds, reptiles, white sand, green vegetation, different species of fish and is the last point to Kisumu in Kenya and Musoma Tanzania from Uganda. Sealing on the

Victoria waters while feeling the good breezes of the lake cannot be missed by tourists.

Transport Tourism:
Uganda – Kenya Railway Lines:
This one goes through Wairasa, Magamaga Town Council and Baitambogwe Sub-County. It also goes through Kakira Sugar plantations where you can clearly view the sugar-cane mechanized growing and harvesting machines, Magamaga Baracks, Wandago local Nguli distillers and the view of lake Victoria among others.

Musita – Lumino – Majanji – Busia high way:
It goes through Baitambogwe Sub-County, Imanyiro Sub-County, Mayuge Town Council, Mpungwe Sub-County and Kigandalo Sub-County. Along this beautiful

tarmac road you can view beautiful green vegetation, rocky hills, local foods, swamps and trade activities of all types.

Other road network:
Mayuge District has very good road networks connecting to all the neighboring Districts of Jinja, Luuka, Iganga, Bugweri, Namayingo including Buvuma through Namoni landing site.

Nkombe, Buluba and Bukoli birding Tourism sites:
These are found in Imanyiro, Baitabongwe and Magamaga Town Council. These are breeding areas for the famous crested cranes (the Uganda official bird). You can see these beautiful birds especially in the mornings and evenings when you visit this area especially the swampy places.


Boat riding and fishing in Victoria Waters
These are mostly found in Jaguzi, Malongo, Bwondha, Kityerera, Busakira, Bukatube, Imanyiro, Baitambogwe, Wairasa and Bukabooli Sub-Counties.

Several tourism activities are involved including;
 Fishing
 Boat riding
 Camping
 Swimming
 Sporting
 Hunting of animals which are dangerous to the community like Hipos and crocodiles.

Kisoga Traditional Dance:

The dance is associated with Busoga culture i.e. dressing, musical instruments and jewelries.

Agro-Tourism facilities:
Sugar- cane processing, coffee processing, maize mills, rice mills, cassava mills, fish handling plants, timber mills, bee keeping and honey processing are practiced in all Sub-Counties of the District.

Local Foods tourism and Fruits:
Mayuge District is privileged to have various Local foods and fruits which include:-
 Matooke (bananas)
 Cassava (Muwogo)
 Potatoes (Mboli)
 Yams (Ebira)
 Groundnuts (Nvuluga/ Amaido)

 Fish (Ngege, Mputa, Semutundu, Kamongo etc)
 Millet (Bulo)
 Oranges (Mikyungwa)
 Mangoes (Miyembe)
 Pineapples (Nanansi)
 Passion fruits (Obutunda)
 Water melon etc.

Accommodation (Hotels and Guest houses) Tourism:
Mayuge District has got a number of Hotels and guest houses especially in the urban areas.

We have Zeo Resort Hotel with a swimming pool and very good self contained rooms, Gilpine hotel, Betty’s guest house with good hotel services, Waid guest house,

all in Mayuge Town Council which can provide wonderful resting environment for our Tourists.

We have also Bishop Hannington Century Hotel at Kyando the murder site of Bishop Hannington where executive accommodation is offered as you tour the area.

All the above hotels have serious security which makes our guests comfortable while relaxing and touring.

We have various beaches along the shores of Lake Victoria including Doctrina Beach and Magerita Beach all in Baitambogwe Sub-County, Victoria sands Beach in Wairasa and Musoma beach in Bwondha all give tourists the best beaching facilities.

Education Institutions:
The District is privileged with several education institutions at all levels pre-primary, Primary, secondary, vocational and technical institutions all available with professional teachers/ lecturers you can think of.