Center for Health Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) is an indigenous Non-Government Organization doing research and advocacy as well as pioneering the justiciability of the right to health in the East African Region. CEHURD has its Secretariat in Nakwero – Gayaza, Wakiso District but also does work through its Community Empowerment Program in different districts including Mayuge District. Because CEHURD has no offices in Mayuge District, it established a pool of Community health Advocates (CHAs) who are young people and are operating in six sub counties of Imaniro, Bukatube, Wairasa, Mayuge TC, Mpungwe and Buwaaya.

CEHURD is currently implementing work in Mayuge district with within the SRHR Alliance under the Get up Speak out (GUSO) project and is contributing to following outcome areas:

  • Empowered young people increasingly voice their rights.
  • Increased utilization of comprehensive social reproductive health rights (SRHR) information and education by all young people.
  •  Improved social-cultural, political and legal environment for gender sensitive,youth friendly (SRHR).

Some of the Activities implemented by CEHURD include:

1. Formalization of working relationships with Mayuge District Local Government where they managed to conduct an inception meeting and interfaced with District heads of Departments, Political leaders including youth leaders. CEHURD utilized this district entry meeting to discuss is attended contribution to the wellbeing of communities of Mayuge district as well as signing an MOU with the district local government to inform effective implementation of work.

2. Identification of young people to work as Community Health Advocates (CHAs). These CHAs who are also young people have been instrumental in supporting other young people in regards to advancing access to SRHR in Mayuge District.

3. Strengthened capacities of community health advocates and supported young people present sexual reproductive health challenges before high level fora including technical and political leadership of Mayuge District.

4. Strengthened capacities other stakeholders including Health service providers, Justice Actors and District leaders who in the end have offered regular technical support to community health advocates as they implement their work in the in the

5. Development, translation and printing of basic legal SRHR information which are easy to read materials on health and human rights, GBV prevention as well as Health and human rights.



  • CEHURDs formal registration with the Mayuge District Local Government.
  • Identification and recruitment of 35 community health advocates who are young
    people in the district from six sub counties.
  • Strengthened capacity of different stake holders in regards to advancing access
    to SRHR services for young people in the district.
  •  Strengthened working relationships with the District Justice Actors including the
    probation office as well as Police with specific emphasis in addressing SGBV in
    the district.
  •  Improved information sharing by printing and disseminating easy to read
    materials in SRHR.
  •  Followed up on a number of cases in the district in regards to addressing SGBV
    in Mayuge district.






CEHURD trainig stakeholders