Successful Farmer’s Field Day

A highly successful farmer’s field day was held today 8th September 2022 at Mayuge District Demonstration site. The field day was organized by the Production Department with the aim of bringing together farmers and other stakeholders in the agricultural value chain for training on the best agricultural management practices.

Mayuge District Local Government has established 4 demonstration sites under Micro Scale Irrigation in the sub counties of Jaguzi, Mpungwe, Bukabooli and Mayuge Town council with an intention to exhibit and create a learning platform for interested stakeholders.The field day also provided a forum where farmers could engage agricultural experts on the challenges facing them in crop production. Among the challenges that farmers cited were the delay in delivery of government subsidized inputs, high prices of pesticides and fertilizers as highly priced micro scale irrigation system and climate change.

Over 200 farmers attended the event which was graced by the Resident District Commissioner Gulume Balayinho, who reaffirmed his commitment to work closely with the Local government and the local community in promoting sustainable agriculture.He also strongly emphasized the importance of agriculture in improving livelihoods. Other stakeholders who participated included; the District council, technical officers from both sub county and district, NGO forum among others