District crop demonstration garden

The government of Uganda through the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries (MAAIF) provides funds in form the Agricultural Extension Grant (AEG) to all district local governments with an overall aim of enhancing the smooth delivery of agricultural extension services to smallholder farmers across the districts.
Among the key areas through which such services are thought to be delivered is the setting up of technology demonstration gardens to showcase basic agronomic practices of priority and strategic enterprises for increased household food and income security.
The Mayuge District Department of Production therefore, set up a one acre district level crop demonstration garden at the district headquarters located in Igamba A village in fulfilment of the intended objectives of the government of Uganda to uplift farmers’ livelihood through on farm demonstrations of appropriate agronomic practices and technologies.
Among the key priority enterprises in the demonstration are coffee( Elite Robusta, Clones NARO KR 1-5), bananas (Mpologoma, Kisansa, Mbwazirume, Mutule etc), cocoa (Upper amazon, trinitario), cassava( NAROCASS 1) and passion fruits(local purple). Hass avocado has also been included in the demonstration.
Other practices such as soil and water conservation through the digging of trenches (fanya ju and fanya chini) and mulching using maize stovers have been demonstrated. Sustainable household land use and planning has also been demonstrated to fit into the land fragmentation syndrome affecting commercial agriculture within the district.
We therefore call upon farmers and farmer groups within and around Mayuge and Busoga sub region to come and learn with us!

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